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Travel/Insurance claims
Owing to our proven experience and knowledge in the field, we are positioned to give you all the legal assistance and advice you need in order to pursue compensation for injuries or damage suffered: We are able to help you deal with the complex procedures involved in obtaining  your compensation and dues. Once settlement is achieved, we are careful to ensure prompt release of your dues in a transparent manner, while keeping you constantly updated on all developments on your claim.

We are also committed to getting you the best settlements through negotiating favourable out of court negotiations and advising you on all the best available options to achieve a fair outcome considering all the unique circumstances of your cases

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Work Injuries
We pursue compensation to employees for work related injuries and diseases contracted in the course of their employment. Our professionals can help you with the process of filling out your claim in line with the relevant statutes, in so far as workman's compensation is concerned.

We also have indepth knowledge and expertise in the pursue of occupiers liability whether prosecuting or defending a claim.

We are commited to our clients success whether it is in preparation of documents for filing in courts and arguing our client's causes, or on the negotiating table.

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 Legal Defence
We are seasoned defence attorneys who will ensure the best defences to claims insituted against  our clients.

We are sure to file all the required paperwork in time and put forth well reasoned arguments in championing for our Client's causes.

 We are timely and efficient in ensuring that our clients are never lacking in representation.

Our portfolio of clients include individuals and corporates, and spans across all courts and tribunals with the relevant jusidiction for the particular claims.

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Civil Litigation
Civil litigation applies to any legal dispute the parties are seeking monetary damages, compensation,  specific performance, or other legal remedy that does not include criminal accusations.We can institute a claim on your behalf and take over a matter that is already ongoing at whatever strategy, applying the legal requirements in palce before such takeover, including at the execution stage.Our staff are well versed with the rules of Civil Procedure and the attendant statutes and Laws to ably represent you in civil proceedings whether the same culminate in litigation or can amicably be settled through the vailable Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms.

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Our Goals & Achievements in Legal Practice

Our outstanding practice has been filled with a commendable closing rates.

Years Of Exp.

Welcome to Wairimu Gathii Advocates LLP

Wairimu Gathii Advocates LL.P comprises of a team of highly qualified, energetic and dynamic professionals who represent the new face of legal practice that is in tune with today’s legal requirements.
We are accessible to our clients and we keep them informed of all developments relating to their matters at all times. We are quick to respond to our clients’ needs and queries and strive to ensure that we comprehensively complete any matter entrusted to us in the shortest
time possible.

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Our Practice Areas

 Fields we major in:

Childrens' matters
We are commited on ensuring the best interest of the child. We pursue adoptions, custody hearings, guardianship orders, protection orders, maintanance, alongside a raft of other services that involve the protection of children as well as the rights of parents, their duties and responsibilities.
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Labour Law
We mediate on the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions, and the government. We also engage in matters to do with Collective bargaining agreements as to the tripartite relationship between employees, employers, and trade unions.

We are well versed in this field to protect our client's livelihoods.
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Corporate Law
Our Portfolio involves incorporation of companies on behalf of our clients, establishing standards for the business concerns and their dealings with government agencies and individuals, as well as effecting any changes as to the constitution of the companies, advising on legal requirements and compliance.
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Criminal Law
We represent our clients who are facing a criminal cahrge from the point of arrest, plea taking, hearing, submissing on case to answere, defence hearing, final submissions, mitigation and sentencing.

We ensure that you are represented in court. as we pursue bail and bond terms so that our clients can continue defending thir matters while out on bail/bond pending hearing and determination of their matters.

We also watch brief for victims of crime and their families where instructed.
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We assist our client's with matters touching on imigrations whether as expatriates, citizens or residents concerning work permits and interactions with government agencies in application processes
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      Family law & Matrimonial proceedings

We assist our clients in all applications and litigation in marraige or family proceedings inclding applying for the relevant licenses, applications for no impediments, matrimonial property, testate and intestate sucessions as well as the creation of Trusts.

Real Estate & Conveyancing
We love to see our Clients thrive. To this end, we undertake due diligence on our clients behalf to ensure a clean and seamless transition. We also draft the contract for sale, review the same as well as ensure commitment to the terms of the greement on our client's part.

We help our clients interact with the respecticve registries by helping in applying for seraches as well as transfers, gahrges and mortgages while sealing all loopholes and ensuring that avenues for fraud have been ascertained and sealed to protect our client's interests.

We are timely and attentive to detail.
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Client testimonials:-

Glosec Services

J. M. Njuguna

As a security firm we encounter challenges that require legal expertise. We are confident with Wairimu Gathii Advocates at the helm.

Mishku Communications

Isaac Kuria

In the communications industry, issues of copyright infringement among other challenges require a steady hand of guidance.

Keshine Investments


Keziah Njuguna

Having helped us navigate through the legal aspects of the land and property sale, We highly recommend Wairimu Gathii and her team.

Glam Interiors & Designs

Timothy Gituku

Nothing safeguards the interests of us and our clients better than the legal advice of our trusted lawyers